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Symptoms of neck pain, back pain, stress, tension, headaches, muscle pain and some forms of chronic pain can all be relived by way of a therapeutic massage. It is also recommended for the treatment of repetitive stress injuries and sports injuries. Our licensed massage therapists use a systematic manual application of movement and pressure to the soft tissues of the body. This includes the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia (the membrane that surrounds muscle). The massage therapy offered at Maximum Health & Wellness helps to promote the flow of blood and lymph, relieving tension, stretching, loosening muscles, and stimulating nerves.

Our state of the art offices in New Jersey offers several types of massage therapies which can provide a welcome relief from the symptoms of back pain, neck pain, tension, muscle pain, headaches, stress and some forms of chronic pain. Our licensed massage therapists work under the direction of our doctors, who diagnose and pinpoint the problematic areas. The latest techniques and methodologies are employed to serve you better.

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